What’s the story? Storytelling in songs

I’m increasingly noticing how songs which tell stories are some of my all time favorites. When you tell a story there is usually a beginning, middle and end, so often the listener is wonderfully engaged with what they hear. Below are some of the tracks I keep on my media player when travelling around the globe

Here Loudon wonderfully tells his tale and the music is perfectly arranged in relation to his wonderful lyrics

Below is another example from a master of storytelling Bob Dylan and from all time favorite album “Blood on the Tracks”

This is a nine minute track, but a wonderful example of storytelling with lots of wonderful descriptions to maintain listener interest

Another brilliant songwriter and storyteller is Tom Waits and here is a superb example of him in action

Bruce Springsteen is also a superb storyteller and songwriter and this is one of his best songs

Note, all these artists make great use of sensory language to capture audience attention and in my view many of the great songs tell stories. In my own band “The Small Change Diaries” and my new solo project “Tales of Dark and Light” I’m increasingly using the medium of storytelling in creating songs.


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  1. Alan Thornton 28th January 2018 at 2:17 pm #

    Great examples (of course) and I agree with you entirely.

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