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“It’s an interesting sound, it’s good, I like what they are doing!”

Alan Raw

BBC Introducing

Nick Ahad after hearing “There’s only one of you” live on BBC Radio Leeds May 2016 commented

“That was beautiful, thank you so much!”

Includes “Birdman” “Miles Ahead” “Cold Mountain”, “I’m driven here to comment, & “Hey Rona” all played on BBC Radio.

Adam Blames Eve CD now available below for physical CD £12 plus £1 postage and packing.

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What other people are saying

Nick! Love your CD! Thanks so much for sending it to me. Love the string bass. That adds so much. Also the brushes on the snare drum. I love that sound. Sounds like a snare drum! Seems like the snare on some of my tracks sounds like a guy hitting a block of wood! Great vocals! I do really like your voice. Nice and out front! Congrats my friend. Well done all around. Art work, production, songwriting, and of course, cool ukes.

Pat Walsh

Musician USA





“The Small Change Diaries have a really tight, sweet sound that’s immediately recognisable.  On ‘Protest Songs’ they manage to fit in more ideas, musical and lyrical, in four songs than most manage on a full-length album with inventive arrangements and smart lyrics”


                                                                                                                                                                               Phil Doleman Musician


The Small Change Diaries, based in Leeds, are an alternative acoustic ensemble, whose music is a fusion of acoustic, folk, blues, and gospel-style arrangements – accompanied by politically challenging lyrics.

Their EP, ‘Protest Songs’, is the follow up to 2015’s debut album, ‘Adam Blames Eve’. The four songs, starting with ‘Not One Of Us’, are upbeat and cheery sounding on the surface – but the light heartedness  – which comes about because of the prominent use of ukuleles – covers up for the deep, sometimes dark lyrics.

‘Big Tony’, song two, is the perfect example of this. It’s sung in a bluesy, even swing style, but the lyrics tell the tale of a gangster, the “Big Tony” of the song, who commits a variety of crimes, bringing with him  a feeling of fear and despair when he comes into town, “with all his crew”.

The Small Change Diaries comprise Jessica Bowie, Nick Cody, Adrian Knowles, and Richard Ferdinando. Their album, ‘Adam Blames Eve’, had selected tracks featured on BBC Introducing. The band draws their inspiration from current events, with the belief that more needs to be said about what really matters. ‘Commons Sense’ on the surface seems to a simple folk song – but when were folk songs ever simple – it’s a song about government, and with the beautiful vocals of Jessica Bowie, asks if the representatives of the people actually do that. It’s striking and disturbing and moving, a protest song reminiscent of those of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joan Baez, or Joni Mitchell.

                                                                                                                                                                Essentially Pop


“Alternative acoustic ensemble ‘The Small Change Diaries’ has released their brand new EP ‘Protest
Songs’. The EP boasts politically challenging lyrics fleshed out by a fusion of acoustic, folk, blues and gospel style arrangements.”


Now available

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